Reel Grrls educates, mentors, equips, and challenges young creators to create transformative media. Thanks to you, each year more and more confident, creative and technology-savvy young women are the result of Reel Grrls programs. These young women lead the way to a new and necessary normal in which women hold …

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Check out Reel Grrls’ new best friend, Judah Friedlander!


Part of the unparalleled production team @bumbershoot!


Gearing up for #bumbershoot - come see us!


Young media makers telling us what they liked best.


Maile wrapping up the last program of the season! Visit reelgrrls.org/Maile for news about her next chapter.


These wizards invented a mercat who is cleaning up the ocean!


Last day of Wizards of the Post! The videos they made are RAD!


Animate your Imagination wrapped up last week! Four new films from animators ages 9-12! Soft animals, the Food Fighters, disappearing objects and Barbie as you have never seen her!


This Bunny (and Fox, and Penguin, and Birds) have a SITUATION on their hands:

Bunny Adventure from ReelGrrls Workshops on Vimeo.

Eat Your Vegetables….

Snack Time from ReelGrrls Workshops on Vimeo.

Do you, or does someone you know suffer from Vanishing Before Your Eyes Syndrome?

Vanishing before your Eyes Syndrome from ReelGrrls Workshops on Vimeo.

And Barbie - as you’ve never seen her before!

Kick-ass Barbie! from ReelGrrls Workshops on Vimeo.


Animator Tess Martin Unleashes 'Strange Creatures' at the Northwest Film Forum | City Arts Magazine

A Q and A with one of our FAVORITE mentors!