In case you didn’t know, GeekGirlCon is “dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the contribution of women in all aspects of geek culture.” The Con is their second-annual gathering, and it’s going down this weekend, August 11 and 12, at the Convention Center. Full schedule here.

Reel Grrls is excited to be part of Girl Geek Con 2012. How, specifically? Well, here are the workshops and discussions where RG Staff are participating:

Saturday, Aug 11, 1:30 PM – 2:20 PM *
“Go Make Me A Sandwich”: Barriers to Women’s Participation in Online and Fan Spaces

Moderated Roundtable Discussion

How many times have you read “get back in the kitchen” or “go make me a sandwich” in comments on a YouTube video starring or made by women? Or have you experienced the frustrations of simply being female on Xbox LIVE? Panelists discuss obstacles to women’s participation in online spaces, illustrate places of resistance, and provide tips to combat and improve gender dynamics online.

Presented by Anita Sarkeesian, Regina Buenaobra, Grace (gtz), Colette Vogele, and RG staff members Maile Martinez and Lila Kitaeff,

Sunday, Aug 12, 10:30 AM – 11:50 AM
Really Make Your Own Videoblog: Hands-On Workshop – RM202
Workshop or How-To

Feminist Frequency and Reel Grrls lead this hands-on, interactive workshop where you will learn the skills to record and shoot a short online video…and then you will make one! The session will emphasize tips and techniques like framing and lighting. You will then be able to record a short videoblog about a topic you care about or something you have learned at GeekGirlCon. Recording equipment will be provided, so just show up ready to make videos!

Presented Anita Sarkeesian, and RG Staff members Lila Kitaeff and Maile Martinez

Sunday, Aug 12, Time TBA (Currently listed as 10:30 AM – 11:30AM)
Let’s Get Critical: Fans, Creators, and Social Justice – RM301/302
Moderated Roundtable Discussion

As fans and creators interested in gender equality and social justice, there are times when our political views seem to interfere with media engagement and media creation. Actions like acknowledging one’s privilege or discovering the systemic misogynist/racist/ableist structures prevalent in our favorite shows, movies, comic books, and video games can be a source of tension. This panel will address the complexities of engaging with media through the lens of social justice, both as fans and as creators.

Presented by Kelsey Wallace, Anita Sarkeesian, Alejandra Espino, Suzanne Scott, Moderated by RG Staff Member Maile Martinez.

SUNDAY 3:30 PM – 4:20 PM
Geek Girls for Good – RM205
Did you know geek girls can be real-life superheroes? Join these amazing women working in global health, education technology, the arts, and science as they talk about how they turned their geeky passions into a career that improves lives, from Seattle to South Africa. Learn how you can be a superhero and apply your interests to a job that makes a difference. Panelists are from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Northwest Association for Biomedical Research, and UW Bioengineering.
Presented by Susie Rantz, Jennifer Hauseman, Therese Littleton, Reitha Weeks